Ramón Hidalgo Caballero, 1920 – 2011

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Abuelo with SparklerMy third and final living grandfather passed away today. He wasn’t my grandfather by blood, but by marriage and an immense amount of mutual respect and love.

A month ago, he lost strength on one side of his body. It sounded like a stroke, but the doctors claimed it wasn’t, yet didn’t really know what had happened. He spent a few weeks in the hospital and was finally feeling well enough to go home. In an amazing demonstration of strength and spirit, he chose to make the 90 minute trip to our house last Saturday to see my parents who were visiting. He seemed sad and weak, but very appreciative of the gifts my parents gave him, including a lovely portrait of my daughter, Nora.

Visiting Bisa in the hospital

On Monday morning, he didn’t wake up. They took him to the hospital and he was said to be in a coma, although he was breathing on his own. My wife, Marga, drove to see him and whisper her goodbyes to her sleeping grandfather. On Tuesday, he briefly gained consciousness, and on Wednesday he was awake and lucid. Not only was he now conscious, but he had been semi-conscious for much of the time he was in the coma, able to recall who had visited him and what they had told him.

Nora, Bisabuelo and Marga

This is the last photo taken of Nora with her bisabuelo (great-grandfather). It really makes my heart ache that Nora will most likely not remember him at all. Hopefully the constant exposure to my photos will help.

Ramón and Erik

Te quiero muchí­simo, Abuelo. Soy mejor por haberte conocido. Nunca jamás te olvidaré.

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  • Josh Grady

    I’m sorry for your loss, and glad that you had the opportunity to experience the enlightenment that can come from contact with an exceptional human being.  I’m sure don Ramón had some incredible stories to pass on.  I’ll bet he was glad to have found, in you, somebody able to appreciate his accumulated knowledge.

    Dale a Marga mi pésame.  Realmente no hay palabras que sirvan para consolar tras el fallecimiento de un ser querido, lo íºnico que se puede hacer es celebrar el haberle conocido.  Mucho animo para ella mientras se acostumbra a la falta de su abuelo.

  • Di

    He seemed like a remarkable man.  Sometimes we get lucky with the people we have in our lives.  Thanks for letting us know something of him too.

  • Jimy

    So sorry about your abuelo.  He seems like an amazing man.  You made me cry…

  • Rebeca

    I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and I’ve always loved hearing about abuelo Ramón, it’s always been obvious to me that he was a qonderful man, very loved and very loving. So sorry for your loss. Os acompaño en el sentimiento.

  • Lee

    I bet she will remember him. Keep showing her photos of him. Also, memory get fuzzy as kids enter older childhood/adolescence, but I bet when she’s older she’ll remember. Or that’s been my experience.

  • Lee

    Also, the photos you’ve posted here are precious. I never got to know either of my grandads. I envy those who did.

  • Anonymous

    Oh Erik, I’m sorry to hear about your “abuelo”.  You’re lucky to have had three, and it looks like you got along really well.  And even though Nora probably won’t remember him, I’m sure you’ll keep his memory alive for her through pictures and stories.

  • Kaley [Y Mucho Más]

    Erik, just catching up. Sorry about your grandfather. Seems like he was a great guy. He was lucky to have you as a bis-yerno (yes, I invented that word).