Nora’s First Video

December 14, 2011 By: erik Category: Complaining, Offspring, Videos 162 views

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Nora's First Video (thumbnail)You know how annoying it is when you take your modern digital point-and-shoot camera or mobile phone to take a photograph and the darn thing is in “video” mode? If you’re like me, you’ve taken countless one or two second videos when you thought you were taking a photograph. Well, it turns out that it’s also annoying when you are a two year old with your father’s mobile phone and you want to take a photograph of your father, the dinner he is preparing, and yourself.

I found the following video on my phone recently. I had no idea that she had shot it.

It’s a pretty common practice lately for her to say something, and if I don’t understand what she’s said after about four times she’s attempted it, and I ask, “What are you saying?”, she’ll look exasperated and say, “I don’t know!” and leave the topic.

Now that I’ve seen the video, it’s clear that she was asking “How do I get this thing into ‘photo’ mode so I can take a photo?” She’ll figure it out soon enough.

  • That’s the best thing I’ve seen all day.

    • Seriously. I won’t see anything cuter today for sure. 

  • Betsy

    How frustrating to be ignored by a tall, busy adult when all you need is about 30 seconds of tech support.

  • Kaley [Y Mucho Más]

    How sweet! I love it – Hey, Poppy, I need to take a picture of you and me and the dinner…how cute!!

  • Josh Grady

    I love the Spanish accent coupled with the capacity for expression associated with a native speaker of English.  What a gift to be born into a bi or poly-lingual household.

    It must be incredibly annoying for children to try and deal with these grown up idiots who pompously assume that they have a greater understanding of the world.  I’ve frequently found myself in a similar situation with Sophia — once I finally parse her message I see that she was making perfect sense and I was focusing on the forest rather than the individual tree which had caught her attention.Great video.