Teapot Atheists

August 21, 2006 By: erik Category: Religion, Stuff I Found, Videos 919 views

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Are you an atheist?

If not, why is your teapot more real that those of your ancestors? What do you know that they didn’t know?

  • Wow. No comments at all…

  • Paul

    In this country, admitting to being an atheist is often punished, and never rewarded. Some who may be brave enough to withstand scorn still do not commit in order to avoid family or spouse embarassment. The easiest course by far is to NOT throw stones at the teapots of others.

  • I imagine it’s scorned in all countries.

    The main point of the video, as I see it, is to point out that everyone is an atheist about most gods. My comment was just to highlight the ridiculousness of that fact.

    It’s just like this previous article I mentioned said, the things you can’t talk about are the things that people are worried might be true.