Clinton, Fox, and Olbermann

September 28, 2006 By: erik Category: Media, Politics, Stuff I Found, USA, Videos 694 views

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A few days ago, Fox’s interview with President Bill Clinton began circling the internet. If you have not seen it, it’s worth seeing: Part 1, Part 2.

I can’t recall ever feeling as much respect for Clinton as I felt after watching those two videos. His adulterous lie seems so tiny and harmless after the previous six years of Oval Office deceit.

After you’ve seen those, watch this:

Before seeing that video, I had no idea that this Olbermann fellow existed. It’s refreshing to hear a real journalist speak the truth and challenge the unchallenged leader.

  • “I had no idea that this Olbermann fellow existed.”

    You didn’t watch much ESPN in your earlier years did ya?

  • jacob

    I follow your sentiments exactly Alan. Keith Olbermann was an icon at ESPN a while back (maybe 7-8 years ago now) when he and Dan Patrick teamed up to do “The Big Show”. He left ESPN rather abruptly to head over to do real news for NBC or CNBC or MSNBC, etc….

  • I couldn’t name a single ESPN anchor, I’m afraid.

    Olbermann’s definitely got some cojones. I hope the voting Americans pay him some attention.

  • jacob

    I thought we already established that it seems as though it doesn’t really matter if you vote in America?

    Perhaps frightening is the best word I can think of to describe how I feel when I think about some of the corruption in our country and how we are all duped into thinking we actually live in a representative democracy.

  • Paul

    More frightening to me is how close we are getting to having people “disappear” at the hands of our government. We are already there, of course, but we keep getting closer to it being Olbermann, Streisand, or me.

  • You mean people like Anna Politkovskaya?

    Or, on a more humorous, but still scary, note, Hubert Hoffman.