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December 29, 2006 By: erik Category: Extremadura, Family, Flickr, Funny, Photos, Spain, USA 1,793 views

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To stick with our recent blog topics of chess and tasty livestock, I thought I’d post a few pictures to Flickr.
Spanish Country Life

Spanish Country Life – My fiancé’s uncle, íngel, on his farm in Extremadura, Spain in August 2003.

Sacrificial Lamb

Sacrificial Lamb – Betsy slaughters a poor innocent lamb cake in January 2005.

How To Beat Your Dad At Chess

How To Beat Your Dad At Chess – A friendly game of chess against my father and his two canine helpers in May, 2004.

See? This is the kind of chess match I’m used to playing. A couple of beers, some quadrupeds scampering around, rooks with doggy toothmarks, a confused old man… No clocks, no hurry. Not like the other day.

How cool is his shirt from Rasmussen University?