Bush Speech Word Frequency

January 30, 2007 By: erik Category: Geeky, Politics, Stuff I Found, USA 1,144 views

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My buddy Hubbers directed me to this link at the New York Times.

The State of the Union in Words: A Look at the 34,000 State of the Union Words Delivered of George W. Bush

It’s only mildly interesting to me politically. I’m not surprised by any of the results I’ve found in a few minutes playing with it. What is impressive to me, however, is the unique user interface to showing search results. I’ve never seen anything like it.

I love both the circles on the right to visualize hit counts and the way you can click on the highlighted words in the “text” of the speech and see the whole context surrounding the match at the bottom. Very clever and innovative if you ask me.

Play around with it for a bit. The “choose a word here” dropdown at the top is handy for search ideas.

  • Uncle Steve

    Hmmmm, looks like Google should go buy the NY Times and use their superior search UI, instead of doing the million other non-Internet-search-things that Google is persuing…

    Very cool UI. Any idea why Google’s has gone virtually unchanged since its launch many (Internet) lifetimes ago?

  • Sure. One word: simplicity.

    People don’t like change. The google homepage and results pages are as straight-forward as they can possibly be. Even the ads are unintrusive. I mean look at all the crap on yahoo.com or msn.com. You have to look around for a few seconds to even find the search box! It’s no wonder people choose google for searching.

    Also, this NYT page I linked to required that you load some sort of flash file. The proper way to show internet search results is with straight, fast, backward compatible HTML.

    I just thought it was a fresh, new, outside-the-box kind of interface that was worth a blog entry.