Wedding Hairdresser

March 06, 2007 By: erik Category: Family, News, Spain 1,648 views

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Dear female wedding guests,

Marga said something to me the other day that hadn’t occurred to my simpleton male brain. She said, “We need to find out which of our guests want to go to the hairdresser the morning of the wedding.”

In Spain, the bride and groom normally go to the hairdresser the morning of the wedding, to look their best. But many of the female guests do too. Marga’s sister, mother, and aunts will for sure. Now that I think about it, Marga’s gotten her hair done the week before all the weddings we’ve attended together. Spanish women use weddings to fulfill some deep feminine red carpet fantasy, I think. They use it as an excuse to pamper themselves and look their very best.

Marga’s going to go to one that costs more than 100€ (sure, why not! what’s another c-note on the wedding bill?), but there will be others that are cheaper. I’m sure we can get one of our Spanish-but-living-in-England attendees to go to the hairdresser with any Americans that want to go to help translate (Marga probably won’t have time).

Chances are that there will be more than one wedding in Mondragon that day, so the early morning hairdresser appointments will need to be made a few months in advance. That gives you a few months to think about it.

I want to stress that we’re not trying to pressure you. We’re just making you aware of the culture in which the wedding will occur to avoid any surprises.

But still, you have to admit that going to an overpriced hairdresser in a foreign country would definitely be an unforgettable experience.

[UPDATE 2007-03-07] Apparently I know very little about hairdressers. Marga corrected my assumption that 100€ was just “what the hairdresser cost”. No, that’s what it’s going to cost her for everything she’s going to have done. What it would cost the rest of you for a little washing, brushing, trimming, curling, [insert more hair gerunds here], etc. will definitely not exceed 50€, and will probably be much less. Just so you know…

  • Uncle Neil

    In 2005 CNN Money determined the average cost of American wedding was nearly $30,000. There must be some really expensive wedding because Barb and I surely pulled the average down severely 28 years ago. After living together for a few years we made a journey into town. After talking for a while in front of the Courthouse we went in. A couple of Courthouse employees were very happy to take time to witness. Before going back to our very rural acreage 12-foot X 50-foot trailer with our dogs and cat we bought a new compact car. I am just guessing that the car wouldnÂ’t be counted by most as part of the wedding. So I guess our wedding cost the Court filing fee if there was one. ArenÂ’t you supposed to not think about cost if youÂ’re truly romantic? There were no relatives in the State so we did not think to invite any.

    I think it would be easier for you if the rules didnÂ’t change. Like no gifts. Now you have a videographer. ThatÂ’s great but you only get 8 DVD. I bet that 9th DVD cost another 1000 E. How can a laggard like me, to cheap to go anywhere or do anything, even see what a wonderful nice wedding is like with nearly all the rest of my family participating? I do all my traveling vicariously through you. You must stay sharp Erik. Demand right now that your free videographer give you unlimited DVD copyrights. Other wise there is no way you can justify 1 of 8 to laggards. Even though Barb and I have dropped in at the last second to participate in most every family event I suspect this blessed event will miss us or vice versa. Yes, if you need a copy of Steve and LindaÂ’s wedding just let me know. It is almost like I was there.

  • We’re taking advantage of our financial foundation that we’ve developed having been in the working world for 6-7 years now, and we’re having large(ish) wedding as an excuse to get all the people we care about together and have a big party. That’s what weddings are to me.

    I think you would have liked to had your family and friends around to celebrate your matrimony if it had been possible, no?

    Each additional DVD costs 1€. He said that we could do it ourselves at home for about 0.30€, but that his are nicely printed, etc., so we’ll probably order an extra dozen from him.

    I’m not sure about copyright, but I suspect we get the rights. What we’re doing is the equivalent of hiring an ad agency to make a tv ad for us.

  • Erik,
    I’m going to try this one more time, then if this doesn’t work this time I’m going back to the old fashion email system.
    John and I will be getting into the baque area on Oct 12. We need to reserve rooms for the 12, 13, and 14. Our plans for the 14th are to go to Bilboa and then drive back to Mondragon to spend the night. After that we will head back to the Pyrenees Mt. for a few more days before going back to Barcelona.
    Let me know what we need to do to make reservations for the 12, 13, and 14 of Oct. THANKS

  • Paul

    Hey Linda! Here is a suggestion: Don’t go back to Mondragon on the 14th. Stay in Bilbao that night. Betsy and I and my Mom will be there, and I think maybe some other people too. Our plans are to visit the Guggenheim Sunday afternoon, and walk around the old section of town in the evening. Join us!

  • Paul, That sounds great…but I still need Erik to help me make reservations for the 12, and 13 of Oct. I’m sure John will think it’s great to stay in Bilboa with all of you on Sunday. I need to talk with you and Betsy anyhow about the trip to Spain. Will try to call this week or next week after we get back from Florida.
    Thanks, Linda

  • Linda, we already have rooms for the Oct 12 and 13 for you and all the other Americans that are coming. See here (scroll down a bit). Don’t worry about that.

    Also, it might help your travel research if you spelled Bilbao so that it ends in an ‘o’.