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Nothing new to post today, so I’m going with a themed Flickr post. Today’s theme: Friendship.
Amigos Rojos

Amigos RojosRaíºl puts an arm around his friend.

Pubbing in Scotland

Pubbing in Scotland – Erik and Jacob have a couple pints in a pub in Anstruther, Scotland in October 2005.

Jeff and Paul

Jeff and Paul – Jeff and his best golfing buddy, Paul, in Myrtle Beach in February 2006.

Is there really any better body language of friendship than an arm around the neck?

  • Paul

    That’s a very good picture of you and Jacob. Jeff and I look like our beers are already in our bellies.

  • Yes, there is a little post-happy-hour glee in your eyes there.

  • jacob

    What a pleasant surprise to hit the blog and see this post today. I’ve been most fortunate to have the three of you as great friends and what I would consider family for the past 28 years. Cheers to that!

  • Paul

    Cheers, mate!