Six Out Of Seven

May 26, 2007 By: erik Category: Colindres, Flickr, Funny, Photos 1,475 views

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I was walking around town the other day and saw these little guys staring helplessly out a shop window at me.

Going solely from the Wikipedia page, I see that both Doc (with glasses) and Dopey (beardless) are present. I wonder who the missing dwarf is. It seems a little cruel to buy only one of them.

Six Out Of Seven

Six Out Of Seven – Garden gnomes, Disney style.

These things creep me out a little. Even if I had a garden, I don’t think I’d buy them.

  • I like this. I am a sucker for dwarves. Unless they are Tom Cruise.

  • Oh, I should mention here too, I’d like to extend thanks to your readers who voted for me. Looks like we won (although the sponsor is remarkably unclear on when it all ends). And of course, thanks to you, too, Erik, for using your excellent forum for such evil ends.

  • A few minutes after this post, I was sent out to buy apples and cognac, an intriguing list, I know, for an apple pie that Marga is making. I happened to pass by this store and noticed that there are only three left. I took the above picture about a fortnight ago. So apparently they are being purchased individually.

    Doc and Dopey both remain. It’s not popular to be at the edges of the intelligence bell curve.

  • I have to be honest here: if I had to choose which one of these six is Dopey, I’d have a 20% chance of being correct.

  • What? You can’t be stupid and need corrective lenses?

  • Traci

    I love the seven dwarfs, most of all Dopey. i belive theone thats missin is sneezy.