Cloud Formation

August 09, 2007 By: erik Category: Colindres, Geeky, Timelapse, Videos 761 views

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There seems to be a spot in the sky right near my house where clouds form.

Yesterday was a very active day in the skies over Colindres. We had a nice sunrise, rain at 9:30am, relatively clear skies in the afternoon, and a cloudy evening. The sky in the early afternoon were full of little “Simpsons clouds“, the kind a child would draw. Oh, and check out the spot right in the center of the video at 3pm and 7pm where all the clouds form out of nothing.

The video is a little long and I don’t really like the music, but it is what it is, so here ya go:


Download Video (7.08 MiB)

  • Very nice. Very soothing. I watched it without music. I like the (subtle) changes in direction as well.

  • Lovely. I also like it when you can see layers of clouds at different altitudes moving in different directions.
    Is it normal for you to get such varied weather in one day?

  • Hard to tell what’s normal anymore. I’m right between the sea and a mountain range, so I guess that makes for a certain amount of cloud dynamics.