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December 05, 2007 By: erik Category: Colindres, Internet, Spain, Stuff I Found 512 views

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This morning, random curiosity caused me to search YouTube for “Colindres”, and I ended up finding a video blog by an American, named Scott, living in Laredo, the next town over from me. He arrived in late October. It’s funny to see him explore and discover his new surroundings, just as I did two years ago.

His charisma, silliness, editing, and creativity immediately reminded me of Ze Frank, which is a huge compliment to any vlogger. He’s got a great apartment right on the beach, and works at a preschool in Colindres, presumably teaching English. Before coming here, he spent a few years in Norway, for which he also had a blog.

What’s weird is that, Scott and I were at the same little town festival thingy (one of these where they give out food for free) the other day where I took this photo of the arroz con leche.

Arroz Con Leche

Here’s his video of the event: (those of you that have visited me here should recognize the tunnel)

And his Halloween party at his school is a pretty great video too:

Glad to have ya around, Scott! We’ll have to catch a cerveza sometime and talk about Scandinavia.

  • He’s a mac user as well…

  • Noticed that iMovie intro as well, huh?

  • Cousin Daniel

    But Erik-cousin, you were the one that told me that it wasn’t right to post media from other people’s blogs on my blog…. Isn’t that what you did in this post?

  • With full credit and linkage. YouTube is made for that. It’s not like I uploaded his content to a place where I could earn revenue from its views. If anything, I’ve probably increased his audience.

    What I must have been referring to before was for implicitly copyrighted images. The second that Scott uploaded his videos to YouTube, he lost all copyright permissions to it. Which, consequently, is why I don’t use YouTube.

  • Cousin Daniel

    Hmmm… Me earn money from showing pictures of my cousin Erik’s sudsy cuteness??? Now there’s an idea!

  • Hey now! Those photos were taken during a time when my career was struggling, and I was broke and couldn’t find modeling work!

  • Cousin Daniel

    Ah, a story I’ve seen before…. You must watch what-all you do in your youth, eh?

  • Wow Erik! Randomly found that you had linked to my video. So great, and you have total freedom to link any of my media to your site. I like to share the adventures with others. Would definitely like to meet up sometime and swap real life versions of our digital stories. Nos vemos.