Belgian Beer Night

February 19, 2008 By: erik Category: Partying, USA 822 views

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Belgian FlagOn Monday, February 11, I went out with some of my high school hallmates to a specialty beer bar in Raleigh, called The Raleigh Times Bar. They had about 200 different beers on the menu, with a special section for Belgian Beers. I was pretty much in heaven. We had three different beers, each in 750 ml bottles, and each one came with a different glass, and each one was completely unique and they were all fantastic!
Pierre Celis Signature - Grotten Brown

Pierre Celis Signature – Grotten Brown. A deep, smooth brown ale.

Hiver Fantôme

Hiver Fantôme, quite a terrifying label. The name must mean “Winter Ghost”. Their website is straight from 1998, frames and ugly background and all.

Flemish Primitive Wild Ale

Flemish Primitive Wild Ale. At least these guys have a computer-looking thing on their “website”.

Simon, I’m coming to live with you.

  • You should try this place while you’re here. They have over 2000 Belgian beers.
    You can stay in our basement, if you bring your own camp bed.

  • Thanks, but I think I’ll be spending my nights on the sidewalk outside the, appropriately named, Delirium Cafe. I’ll just need your house for my fortnightly shower and laundry load.

    By my calculations, I’ll need to average 5.5 beers/day to finish the menu in one year. If I get started early enough in the mornings, I bet I could do it in 9 or 10 months, though.

  • So you want me to wash your smalls while you go and get drunk? What am I – your wife or something?

  • Whoa now! Let’s not rush it! I think we should live together for a little while first.

  • Count me in on this — I am a huge fan. And I have some interesting ideas on how to make underwear last longer.

  • Sgazzetti: let me guess – you turn them inside out, right?
    Erik: regarding the glasses – EVERY beer in Belgium has its own distinctive glass (and I’m not just talking about having the brand name on the side), and serving a beer in the wrong glass is a major offence. For example – check out the Kwak glass.

  • That’s pretty interesting about the glasses. Until the night mentioned, I’d never seen nor heard of that custom. Sounds like a clever scam by the Belgian glass-making industry to me. The storage space for enough of each of the 2000 unique glasses must be immense!

    Sgazzetti’s probably got some secret ancient Slovene-Argentine, lunar-astronaut, surface-area-multiplying, Mí¶bius-strip underwear folding technique he’s been perfecting just for this purpose. I’m sure he’s way beyond the simple inside-out trick.

  • Hi Eric, I’m coming to New York in March. We should do it over again (I’m from Belgium) 🙂 My favourite beers are Chimay Blue, Leffe, Trappist Westmalle and offcourse Stella Artois! Vive la Belgique!!

  • “you turn them inside out…”


  • Yeah, I feel so embarrassed about not knowing how to make my underwear last longer. You wouldn’t believe the crippling efect it’s had on my social life…