Ex-councilman Gunned Down in Mondragon

March 07, 2008 By: erik Category: Mondragon, News, Spain 528 views

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Here I was on my sofa, watching some Ruleta de Suerte, a few minutes ago, when they interrupted the program with some breaking news. I was annoyed, assuming that I wouldn’t care about whatever they said, but they proceeded to tell us that, just a few minutes ago, an ETA terrorist shot an ex-councilman, in Mondragon, several times in front of his wife and daughter. Marga is even familiar with the street it happened on. The 42-year-old victim has been rushed to the hospital, but is in very serious condition, and all the television channels are talking about it.

Pretty terrifying. This is exactly the reason why I wouldn’t want to live in Mondragon.

I thought I’d be the first to get the news into the anglo-blogosphere.

[Update 14:22 – Isaí­as Carrasco has died in the hospital.]

[Update 14:41 – Reuters has picked up the story now.]

[Update 14:46 – They’re saying that both political parties are going to “suspend their campaigns” leading up to the national election on Sunday because of this attack. Whatever that means…]

  • Did you do it?

  • Why do you think I set up my alibi in the first sentence?

  • Cos you did it?

    I thought there was something a bit “hit manish” about your wedding suit.

  • These things don’t just happen in Mondragon, sorry to say. A few years back something similar happened right here in Pamplona. It’s also happened in Seville, Madrid, Valencia and even France, just to mention a few. So we’re not really safe anywhere are we?

  • At least they’re fairly targeted at politicians, and not everyday citizens. That would be much worse. But still, it’s disturbing when these things happen in places you’re familiar with, even though, statistically, we’re very safe.

  • Update from my embedded reporter on the inside sister-in-law:

    Both presidential candidates in tomorrow’s election are in Mondragon. She saw President Zapatero coming out of the very same hotel we all stayed in for my wedding.

    Around midnight, a small angry mob came and tore down the photos of the incarcerated ETA members that have been publicly displayed in Mondragon in the 7 years since I’ve been going there.

    The ANV, the only political party to not have publicly condemned the attack, had the cojones to go to the hospital to speak with the grieving widow the same day that the terrorist organization they support killed her husband. Needless to say, they were turned away.