Rainy Night

March 21, 2008 By: erik Category: Colindres, Complaining, Photos 1,895 views

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These are two photos I took last night and tonight. The weather for the Easter holiday has been downright repugnant. The sky in the first picture was as clear as it’s been, and clouded over shortly after.

The moon and stars rise into the cloudy night sky.

Rain on Window

The windows are covered with water droplets from the constant drizzle. I’m quite pleased with this photo.

  • Uh, I’m pretty sure that this is the day the lord has made. Now you’ve gone and pissed off the lord.

  • What lord? Of the rings? Of the dance? Of the flies? There are just so many!

  • I like the water drop photo. Very cool. Did you try different dof on that one? It would be nice to see the others.

  • Nope, just the one shot. The one without a flash (which was blurry due to my lack of tripod) more closely resembled the cool effect I was seeing with my eyes, but the one I posted was the one I accidentally took with the flash on. I was quite surprised by the result.

    No doubt a different DOF would have resulted in the drops being in focus in another part of the image. I can’t imagine it’d be that different.