Giant Egg

May 28, 2008 By: erik Category: Science, Weird 484 views

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Giant EggOnly recently have we had to buy eggs for the first time in Spain. That’s because my father-in-law’s hens are producing very few lately, apparently unaware of what fate awaits them if production ceases. But we still get some from him, but this is a first. It has got to be the largest chicken egg I’ve ever seen. Marga called dibs on it before I even knew it existed.

Giant Egg

A golf ball is used here for reference

Giant Egg

That thing is enormous! Yes, those are bottle caps.

Giant Egg

No, I’m not a hand model. Thanks for asking.

Giant Egg Frying

We were not surprised to find that it had double yolks.

At least it wasn’t a snake egg!

  • Hokey Smoke!

    (The snake egg thing is never going to get old is it?)

  • How do you know it wasn’t a snake egg?

  • Well, nothing like this ever came out of it, thank god.

  • That chuckun sho musta had a sooooooooooore ****!