Sittin' on the dock of the bay

July 01, 2008 By: erik Category: Colindres, Photos, Spain 861 views

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Low TideOn Saturday, Marga and her mother went to Bilbao to shop for dresses for cousin Andoni’s upcoming September wedding. I was specifically not invited, much to my delight. It was a beautiful day, so I took several long walks around town. In the evening, I went out to the little lighthouse, where I had been the day before, to take some photographs and sit and read. I took some wonderful panorama photos of the port and the tidal basin around it, as well as a cool timelapse video that I will share in my next post.

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Sunlit Spanish Flag

A Spanish flag with the sun directly behind it on the way out to the port.

Marisma Pan

A panorama of the tidal basin at low tide.

Low Tide

There’s something awkward about a boat sitting on the ground like that.

On a leash

But it has to be tethered, because when the tide comes in it will be in several feet of water.

Looks like grass

Close-up of previous photo.

Reflected Sunlight

Reflected afternoon sunlight on the water.

Tide coming in to lift boat

Tide coming in to lift the boat.

Boat Wake

A boat whizzes by.

Floating on Light

Silhouetted by the sunlight.

Flying Spaghetti Monster?

Clouds in the shape of God. MHNATY.

How many faces do you see?

Really, though… How many human faces do you see in this photograph? Our brains are well trained to pick them out.

Colindres Port Panorama

A panorama of the port of Colindres. View 12291 x 1790 original.

On Monday, one of Marga’s coworkers asked her, “Was that your husband that spent an hour out by the lighthouse on Saturday just reading and taking pictures?” She replied, “Yep, sounds like him.”

  • I must have an untrained brain – I’m no good whatsoever at seeing shapes in clouds. They just look cloud-shaped to me.

  • Paul

    Human faces? I see Mickey Mouse about to be bitten on the left arm by a badly coiffed mad Poodle riding on the back of a Sheltie. I wonder what that says about my brain?

  • Uncle Neil

    I read everything before the first picture loaded up. I see Mickey Mouse about to be bitten on the left arm by a badly coiffed mad Poodle riding on the back of a Sheltie. Its as clear as a bell!
    Here getting buoys anchored in the harbor is real difficult as it is controlled by the government requiring annual fees. They limit the number of anchorages to a small percentage of demand and there is some good old boy stuff that goes on. Is it controlled there?

  • Why weren’t you invited?!?!?

  • Rorschach would commit you all.

    Neil, I don’t know anything about the anchoring permit situation around here.

    Hubbers, you can’t honestly tell me that you enjoy going from store to store with a group of women that try on 10 things in each store, like everything, and buy nothing. They spent hundreds of hours and a dozens of tanks of gas to visit four cities to finally find suitable dresses for everyone (not counting the bride) for my wedding. It sounds like stand-up comic fodder, but it’s true!

    Whereas I have three suits, several shirts, and too many ties to choose from to attend this upcoming wedding. I know that societal fashion norms make things harder for women, and perhaps this is why the behavior described above baffles my gender so much, but I’ll never understand why the same dress can’t be used for many different weddings.