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July 29, 2008 By: erik Category: Geeky, House, Photos, Weird 938 views

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Shower SqueegeeIn the bathroom where I shower, we have a glass shower stall. After about a week of use, it gets little dots over it and must be cleaned. These are calcium deposits from the water that remain when the droplets dry.

When I was a kid, I always thought it strange that my grandparents had a squeegee in their shower stall. When I was visiting, I used to dry the glass in their shower stall after my showers, not because they asked me to, but because it was fun to pass the rubber squeegee over the glass and watch the water all run down to the bottom. It never occurred to me to ask why they had a squeegee in there. It just seemed fun to me.

About a year ago, it hit me that my grandparents’ squeegee was a solution to calcium deposits dirtying the glass. But it took me a year to remember this revelation when I was anywhere other than using or cleaning the shower. Finally we bought a squeegee for the shower!

The results were amazing. Immediately there was a difference in the general appearance of the bathroom with the clean glass of the shower stall. It’s working really well.

The other day, as I was sliding the squeegee down the glass, exterminating the little droplets, it occurred to me that I found this activity very pleasing in a very OCD way. I certainly don’t have diagnosable obsessive-compulsive disorder, but I think that everyone that’s at all neat has some subtle chemical imbalance that, when way out of balance, results in full OCD, but normally just controls how generally neat and organized you are. There in the shower, I coined the term “OCDelightful” for any activity that triggers pleasure for reasons of order and neatness. I’ve submitted it to the Urban Dictionary. When I went to submit its close acronym, OCDelicious, I found, to my surprise, that it is already there! With the proper definition and everything! Amazing.

Shower Squeegee

This is a reenactment, since common decency prevents me from sharing a photo of actual showering conditions.

I think that “squeegee” is one of the most awesome words in the English language. Don’t you?

  • I think that “squeegee” is one of the most awesome words in the English language. DonÂ’t you?

    Yes. I also like the word spatula

  • When I was a kid I thought being a gas station attendant would be the best job ever. That was back when someone rushed out to pump the gas and, yes, squeegee the windshield. I’m not a neat organized person but the sight of the perfect water removal pattern was inspiring. Today at self-serve stations I take advantage of the diy squeegees even though they are often pretty rank and of dubious utility.

  • Additionally my name is also in the Urban Dictionary.


    Not 100% sure I should be sharing this but it is and there is no hiding from it. Is anyone else’s name in there?

  • Further research has led me to believe that almost everyoneÂ’s name is on urbandictionary. It seems that urbandictionary is mostly used to debase other peopleÂ’s names and in some cases promoting some positive associations with your own name. disappointing but hardly unpredictable.





    One more thing Erik. If there is one things that you should have realised from our emails is that no matter how quick or clever your ideas are someone will have thought of them first and put it online.

  • Erik: The heterosexual way of spelling the name Eric.
    The name implies many meanings:
    – awesome beyond comparison (adj.)
    – stunningly handsome and suave (adj.)
    – able to attract large numbers of women without using any effort (verb)
    – able to do all things exceedingly well (verb)
    Wow! That pass was freaking erik!

    That sounds about right.

    Man, I feel a little sorry for the rest of you guys, though. Some of those definitions are as mean as mine is vain.

  • Every name that I put in came back… Alan, Grady, Erik, Rasmussen

  • Rasmussen: Word meaning, cool, Genius and over all awesome.
    Used to compliment somebody.
    That kid is a rasmussen.

    I like this Urban Dictionary thing!