Celebrating Obama Victory

November 05, 2008 By: erik Category: Partying, Photos, Politics, Wine 209 views

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Celebrating Obama VictoryToday we had a special lunch of veal steaks with fried red peppers, salad, and champagne to celebrate Barack Obama getting elected yesterday. I have yet to stop grinning today. I’m just so pleased!

One of the best consumer item ideas I’ve seen recently is the mini champagne bottle. It’s the size and volume, 25 cl, of a normal Spanish beer bottle, smaller than what other countries use (33 cl, I think). It’s enough to completely fill one glass of champagne. You see, the problem with champagne is that, once you pop the cork on a normal bottle, you really have to drink the entire bottle, because otherwise it loses its carbonation. Between just two people, one bottle of champagne is finishable, but it will leave you both pretty tipsy. That’s why these little serving sizes are so nice. They are sold in three-packs at the local grocer.Celebrating Obama Victory

Happy Erik celebrating Obama’s victory.

Mini Champagne

Mini Champagne bottle.

After reading an article this week about the occasional glass of wine being beneficial (something related to reducing behavioral problems in boys) during pregnancy, Marga and The Fetus were permitted a few sips of bubbly. I hope my child remembers Obama, despite his leaving office before Fetus’ eighth birthday.

  • The “drinking while pregnant” argument rages in the UK, where drinking in moderation is unheard of. In Italy no-one bats an eyelid if a pregnant woman sips the occasional glass of wine.

  • If anyone saw me take a drink here in the US, I think they’d band together and form a mob, complete with pitchforks and burning torches.