Bath Time

April 11, 2009 By: erik Category: Offspring, Photos 680 views

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Bath TimeWe like to say that Bath Time is Nora’s favorite time of day. But I think that’s just because it’s the only thing she only does once a day. The rest of her life follows no schedule whatsoever. My hands are always too full during bath time to take photos, but last week her Aunt Belén was visiting and took these photos for us. Genitalia has been blurred for internet modesty reasons…and because it might damage her political career.

Bath time has taught Nora one of life’s great truths: the time between bathing and drying off is unpleasant. Despite the photographic evidence below, I swear she really is content most of the time in the water. I think she was mainly protesting the posing.

We’ve already bought and returned one bathing unit. This one is very nice. It’s a dresser drawer with a bath tub and changing pad on top. And it’s got wheels so it can be wheeled into the bathroom for bathing and spend the rest of the time in the bedroom for late night changes.Bath Time

The warning sign to the right says, “Do not leave baby unattended.” Since when did the noun “baby” not need at article? I blame the Brits.

Bath Time

So this is why Daddy’s back hurts so much??

Bath Time

Maybe it’s just because I’ve recently seen Benjamin Button, but it sure seems like infants look a lot like old men.

Bath Time

Ow, Daddy! Don’t clean my hands!

Bath Time

This photoshoot is not pleasing Nora at all.

Bath Time

“Thanks for drying me off. This is the hole where you should put the milk now.”

Today, for the first time, she didn’t cry at all during the disrobing, the bath, or the pajama dressing afterwards. Her grandmother attributes her good behavior to having spent the entire afternoon with her, obviously.

  • That’s a really clever bath/changing table.

    You’re lucky Nora likes the bath. Eva screams like we’re poking her with pins and needles. We only have the guts to try it once a week. I guess once she’s mobile and can get messy more easily, we’ll have to be brave and bathe her more often.

  • I hate to say it, but she will hate you in 16 years time for posting these pictures on the net.