Lucky Shoes

April 23, 2009 By: erik Category: Golf, Offspring, Photos 434 views

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Lucky ShoesAunt Belén bought these for you when she visited Dublin last year, as well as some onesies, one of which says “I am a happy spotted snake,” or something similar. These little socks dressed up to look like shoes are already too small for you, and you’ve only worn them once. The problem with baby socks is that so many baby trousers have the feet built into them, so the socks rarely get used. But we put them on you and took this picture because they’re so cute. I suspect they might be reassigned as golf ball warmers, as they seem to be the perfect size for that. Yes, it’s important to keep your balls warm, especially on a cold day. It’s okay to snicker.
Lucky Shoes

Everyone should have some lucky shoes!