The Chupinazo – July 6th, Noon

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Watching the ChupinazoToday was the chupinazo, the big party and celebration that marks the beginning of the week-long San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain. Marga and I have been to San Fermin twice, and we are fans of the festival. The chupinazo is also important to us because, exactly one year ago today, on July 6, 2008, right around noon, the two gametes, each containing half of my daughter’s DNA, fused together to form the strand of DNA that has guided the creation of a new human being. It’s amazing what that little cell turned into in only one year.

So today, at noon, we gathered around the television to watch the chupinazo. It really is quite a spectacle and is broadcast across Spain live every year. Thousands of young people gather in the town hall square of Pamplona to spray each other with wine and champagne. This video should give you some idea of what it’s like:

The photos of una familia san ferminera:

Watching the Chupinazo

Until the firecracker goes off at twelve, noon, no one is allowed to put on their scarf. The scarf symbolizes that you have stopped work (“taken off your watch”, as a news reporter put it today) and are partying for the week. Then, at the closing ceremony, everyone takes off their scarves and shouldn’t put them back on until the chupinazo the following year.

Oh, and you’re supposed to wear only red and white.

Watching the Chupinazo

The anticipation builds!

Watching the Chupinazo

Yay! ¡Viva San Fermin! ¡Gora San Fermin! (“Long live San Fermin” in Spanish and Basque)

Watching the Chupinazo

I don’t think she comprehends the significance of the date.

Watching the Chupinazo

After the festivities began, we propped her up and let her watch a bit more. She loves the boob tube, she does!

Watching the Chupinazo

Happy San Fermin, everybody! Happy conception day, Nora!

  • Nora looks like a little miniature teenager propped in the chair watching tv. Any particular kind of show she favors?

  • She doesn’t care what’s on. I figure that, until she’s unable to reason about objects in the real world, 2D representations of objects on the television screen are probably too difficult.

    On a related topic, we’ve been holding her up to the bathroom mirror around bathtime. Sometimes I think I spot the completely reasonable horror of “OMG, what’s mommy doing holding that other baby! I thought she was holding me!?!?” in her face, but I suspect I’m imagining it. I’m not convinced that she understands that her own hands are hers, so understanding her reflected self is out of reach.

  • Theresa

    That was some Chupinazo last year! 😉 She’s a real beauty. So, are you going to take her to see the festivities this year? We’re in Holland so we’ll be missing it all this year. Who knows, maybe next year we could get together. 🙂

  • No, we’re passing on actually going to San Fermin. Next year’s a possibility, though.