Smiling Baby Medley

July 07, 2009 By: erik Category: Funny, Offspring, Videos 288 views

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The last couple days I’ve been attempting, with varying levels of success, to capture a smile or some laughter on video. Below is the fruit of my labor. Apparently I know only one song. Also, it’s really hard to concentrate on making eye contact with her, sing a song, and hold a camera steady.


  • Paul

    Very cute. Please extract a still shot of you and Nora from the end of that and put it up on your FlickR account. I want it for my desktop.

    Oh, and your Mother and I taught you more than “Deet-de-de-de-deet”. We also taught you “Doody-doody-doody-doo”.

  • Two captures up. They are pretty small since my camera only does 640×480 video.

    Daddy Kiss (still frame from video)
    Smiling with Daddy (still frame from video)
  • Her neck probably isn’t sturdy enough for “This is the way the Ladies ride”, but it should be soon :~)

  • I knew there was some sort of knee-bouncing song that used to be done to me, but I couldn’t remember it.

    Apparently the third verse lyrics are pretty flexible.