Your own handwriting as a font!

September 08, 2009 By: erik Category: Geeky, Stuff I Found, Weird 2,785 views

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Blog post thumbnailThis is one of the cooler internet services I’ve seen in a while. Check out and turn your own handwriting into a font you can use on your computer. It’s been a long, long time since I have written anything longer than a shopping list by hand. Those muscles are completely atrophied. This handwriting font trick isn’t much more than a gimmick, I don’t think, but it’s fun to do if you have a printer, a scanner, a pen, and five minutes.

Erik's Handwriting Font

  • oh, and you need to have good handwriting too… mine’s awful so i don’t think i’ll be rushing out to use that service!

    • I dislike my handwriting too, but one of the side-effects of this service is that it forces you to concentrate on each letter, which makes your handwriting come out better than it really is when you’re writing down entire words.

  • What a way to find out your scanner is busted.
    All for the best, I suspect, as my penscratch doesn’t deserve a font of its own.

    (except that with photoshop, I was still able to salvage it.)

  • It would be sweet if the template provided for ligatures and alternates. Things start looking fake pretty quick when every lower-case “g” looks like every other. And I’ll wager your lower-case “h” looks different when it appears after a “t” than when it starts off a word. Within the bounds they’ve set, though, fontcapture seems to do a pretty good job.

    • Yes, variations would be really awesome. Just a simple random selection of four copies of each letter would work. I wonder if true-type font systems have that feature built in or not.

      • Truetype supports alternates and ligatures, but not all software does. Word 2007, for example, will not replace “fi” in “fidelity” with the appropriate ligature. If you insert the ligature manually, Word will view the word as misspelled. More graphic-design oriented pieces of software (like InDesign) are smarter about this.

  • your favicon rules!

    Whenever I see an interesting favicon, I always have to open Safari to see if it’s animated.

    • Heh. I made that fav.ico a loooong time ago. I could probably make a better one now.

      Or steal yours…which is awesome.

  • Help yourself, but yours is really cool, as one can actually just almost tell it’s you.

    (It is you, right?)