Burgos Cathedral

September 21, 2009 By: erik Category: Photos, Religion, Spain, Travel 1,291 views

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Burgos CathedralOn Saturday afternoon, we took a stroll around the center of Burgos and visited the Burgos Cathedral. To get there, we had to walk a little along the Arlanzón River that runs through the center of Burgos. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful walk. I now invite you to walk along with us with this slightly picture-heavy post.

Burgos River Panorama
A panorama from the edge of the river.

Burgos Spire
The spire from some building. Not the cathedral.

Fly Fishing in Burgos
Who says you can’t fly fish in the middle of a city?

Burgos Cathedral Square Panorama
A panorama of the cathedral square. After stitching there was quite a bit of fisheye distortion that I’ve tried to correct as best I could.

Rolls Royce Bride
A Rolls Royce and the bride it brought, as she enters the cathedral to walk down the aisle into matrimony.

Burgos Cathedral Sky
Menacing, isn’t it? That’s what cathedrals are designed to be.

Rolls Royce Bride Burgos Cathedral Panorama
A vertical panorama containing both of the previous two images. Check out the Stars of David, with an apostle at each of the clock positions. It’s not an accident that smallest number that divides evenly by the first four positive integers was chosen for both of those.

Rolls Royce
Nice ride!

Rolls Royce Hood Ornament
Angel hood ornament.

Rolls Royce Hood Ornament
I should get one of these for my car!

Rolls Royce Dashboard
No built in GPS??

This horrible figurine looking down at the entrance inside the cathedral is called Papamoscas. It’s very, very IWUS. Some middle-aged American women were gazing up at it taking photographs, and one of them said, “I’m pretty sure that’s the devil himself!” Trying to be as unhelpful as possible, as usual, I leaned over to them and said, “No, that’s the joker from a deck of cards.” They totally believed me. The wikipedia page, unfortunately, doesn’t answer any “What?” or “Why?” or “WTF?” questions, only “When?” It just says that there has been a figure there since at least the 16th century, and that the old one was replaced with the current one in the 18th century.

Oh, and did I mention that it opens its mouth with each bell strike on the hour? Thus, catching flies and earning its name, Papamoscas, which means “Fly Daddy”. I was expecting more of a nutcracker kind of mouth opening, but instead it was very subtle. We waited out twenty minutes (as you could have deduced) to see it in action. I’ve looped two photos to show the movement in this movie:

One of the side chapels in the cathedral. The wedding was going on in another one like this.

Jesse and his Posse
Jesse and his posse.

Little Belén
Somehow Belén got shrunken down to the size of a mouse.

Weird Gargoyle Pillar
What were these sculptors thinking?? Who are they trying to scare?

Fountain with Sky
These little guys are riding on the head of spitting dragons.

Grab your ankles, Miss!
My Wii Fit doesn’t have this particular yoga pose.

Visiting Burgos Cathedral
Nora, Marga, Juan, Marce, and Belén.

Meson del Cid
Meson del Cid restaurant.

Souvenir Shop
This place was a souvenir shop.

Wedding Rice
Ah, wedding rice… I think my wedding suit still has some in the pockets.

Burgos Cathedral
And there you have it! A big photographic Burgos Cathedral adventure! Thanks for traveling with me.

  • Ines

    thanks for sharing, very educational as usual 😉

  • I’ve never been inside Burgos Cathedral.. habm ends up on the usual rave about paying for entry to a church which should be public which and then moves on to a rave about his dislike of the institution of the catholic church in general & how much money they have & etc… with the end result that i never get to go inside… sigh… i’m all in favour of having principles but they do tend to interfere with sightseeing…

    • While I have uncountable grievances with The Church as an institution, I do have a lot of respect for these buildings as historical treasures, and I understand that their upkeep is not cheap. So I normally don’t have a problem paying to enter these buildings, especially if I’m allowed to take photographs.

      We didn’t pay a single euro penny to go as far as we did into the Cathedral. I suppose the open door might have had something to do with the wedding going on, but I don’t know. I almost took a photo of the “no photographs allowed sign”.

      • Josh

        I have no problem with paying for the upkeep of the buildings, but in that case, shouldn’t they be deconsecrated? That seems to be the recurring theme with the Madre Iglesia, they want to have their cake and eat it also. Make the churches secular community centers and I’ll gladly pay. As a supposed place of worship and a spiritual haven, an entry fee galls. Speaking of which, next time you’re in Extremadura, you should check out the town of Alburquerque; what was once the town’s church has been converted into the town saloon. A heavenly drinking experience!

        • Now, that’s the kind of church I’d go to every Sunday!

  • Cheryl

    Can you image the weddings that you could put on in this place, such beautiful scenery and architecture. Beautiful pictures!

  • hmm, I missed this post while I was hibernating. Excellent photos! And I’m thinking it’s quite lucky that your Wii Fit doesn’t have that yoga pose…ouch! 😀

  • Phil Pembroke

    the river outside Burgos cathedral supports barbel - DIY fishing opportunities in Spain, Phil Pembroke. http://www.spainfishing.com