Myrtle Beach Classic 2010

February 10, 2010 By: erik Category: Golf, Partying, Photos, USA 459 views

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The gangI wasn’t going to go on my annual golf outing this year for parenting reasons, mainly because I couldn’t leave Marga alone with the little primate beast for a full week. But then, at the last minute, my mother-in-law got sick; just the right amount of sick that she got time off work and was able to care for Nora. After double checking with my work and The Committee that hosts the event, I decided at the very last minute (16 hours before the flight) to go. Let me just say that it’s true what the psychologists say: Decision is the secret to unhappiness. There’s nothing like making a major decision (and this was only a week’s vacation, not moving to another country or anything) to make one miserable. However, once the decision was made, I immediately began to enjoy the trip. I was naively surprised to discover that me dumping Nora off on my in-laws was more of a favor than a burden. They were elated!

This year we stayed at a cool beach house, right on the beach. More on that later. While I took a few photos, this year I was hugely benefited by using my card reader to borrow photos taken by the other two active photographers of the group, Jacob Pittman and Danny Scott, to whom I owe most of the credit for the following photos.

Golf Scene
A gorgeous golf scene. Spending time outdoors is one of the biggest attractions of golf to me.

Jon shoots over water
Jon Smedley, probably the best golfer of the group, lines up a drive on a par three.

Ryan, Folk Hero
Ryan Meador plays a little acoustic guitar. Jacob was experimenting with a black and white feature on his camera.

Blues harp and a jaw harp.

Jeff and Erik making music
Jeff and Erik play some sheet music.

Rockin' The Blues
Phil, Clint, and Erik strum while Paul sings the blues.

Dennis Portrait
A great portrait Jacob took of a close friend, Dennis Schrantz.

My personal guitar hero
Phil Shirley, my personal guitar hero, can not only pick some mean blues, but looks good doing it!

Myrtle Beach Classic Activities
My godfather, Tom, though a non-golfer, went as the official cook and put out an amazing spread of food every day.

Keith's smiling backswing
Keith with a perfect backswing and a great smile.

Steve and Jacob
Jacob and Steve.

Jacob and Erik
My friend Jacob and me. We’ve known each other for 28 years.

Super Bowl Party 2010
For the first time ever this year, the Myrtle Beach Classic coincided with another annual test of athletic ability, the Super Bowl. I think we all enjoyed having such good friends for a Super Bowl party.

Old Fitzgerald
I went with my good friend, Jeff Fitzgerald, to buy a bottle of Old Fitzgerald bourbon to commemorate the death of his father in December of last year.

John wins 2nd Flight
John White took first place in the Second Flight.

Jacob wins 1st Flight
Jacob played some outstanding golf this year and took first place in the First Flight.

Steve wins Championship Flight
I had the honor of playing with, and coming in second to, Steve Hemphill in the Championship Flight.

The gang
I love all these guys, and I’m very glad that I was able to attend at the last minute this year.

All the photographs I have, 98 in total, are available on Flickr.

  • jeff fitzgerald

    great job, now I have to figure out how to get some great print copies of the opening picture.

  • John White

    Great pics. I love you too man. Always good to see what are now ‘old friends’ at Myrtle Beach. Take care…John

  • Jake

    Erik – I, as well as everyone else, was very glad you were able to make it. It would not be the same without you there.