A girl eating potatoes

March 15, 2011 By: erik Category: Funny, Offspring, Videos 370 views

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A girl eating potatoes (vidcap)Last week, Nora was particularly loquacious before lunch, so I set up the video camera on a tripod in case she did something particularly cute during her lunch. As you may have noticed, it’s easier to make interview-style videos with her in her high chair because if she’s on the floor, she’s zooming around the house and it makes for an awkward video. Sure enough, after she’d had her fill of macaroni, she started pointing at the bookcase behind me and saying “Una niña que come patata!“, I assured her that there were no girls eating potatoes on the bookshelf, but she persisted until I finally understood what she meant.

You have to admit that her assessment of the situation was pretty reasonable assuming you don’t remember going to the beach.

  • Cutest video yet.

  • Or if you’re a Close Encounters fan.

    • erik

      Ha. Clue for those that missed the reference.

  • Loved it! But that is a very logical conclusion she’s reached. Potatoes are something in her everyday experience, the beach is not yet, so it makes sense. So cute.

  • Paul

    I love that look she gives you at 1:28 when she realizes that you might actually have a legitimate point of view. And she is a scientist! When she realizes there are two possibilities, she first wants to directly examine the evidence.

    • erik

      I could receive no greater compliment as a parent than that I’ve taught my daughter to think independently for herself and consider alternate points of view, but I think calling her a “scientist” is a little premature. At her age, being mistaken and looking at evidence (which is the basis of all learning) is pretty much the norm, since she has the learning accelerator pressed to the floor.

      Thanks though. I liked that look, too.

  • Hal

    Really cute. So for us spectrally disadvantaged, are (mashed) potatoes and sand the same color? It does look like a Dreyfuss sculpted masterpiece, but I’d have gone for waffles

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