Se Acabó El Turno – The Turn Is Over

May 31, 2011 By: erik Category: Offspring, Spanish, Videos 234 views

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Se acabó el turno - video thumbThis morning it was raining, so we couldn’t go outside for Nora to release her toddler energy in the playground. At one point she started going on and on about “Se acabó el turno” which means “The turn is over”. It makes about the same amount of sense in both languages. My best hypothesis is that it’s something that the daycare workers tell the kids as they rotate one child out of a high chair and put another one in. Or perhaps when they are forced to share toys? I’ve certainly never said it to her in Spanish, nor have I heard anyone else speak those words.

The only reason that I’m posting the largely nonsensical video is that it’s a wonderful example of her rhetorical body language. She gestures a lot lately. I’ve elected not to subtitle it, since I can only understand about 10% of what she says, and I do a pretty good job of following her stream of topics with English followup questions in the video. One expression she uses a lot is “Pis pas” (“in a flash” or “in no time at all”), which is often paired with a hand clap in the phrase “Pis pas, ¡se acabó!” (“It’s done in a jiffy!”)

It’s quite long, and I probably wouldn’t watch it all if it were your kid, so don’t feel bad if your mind wanders to more cognitively coherent topics and you decide to switch it off.

I played it for Nora tonight and she kept saying to the television, “Se acabó el turno? What does that mean, Nora?” Afterwards, we watched some older videos; she thought this one was hilarious, cracking up and shouting “Nora fell down!” every time the baby fell over. It’s amazing how much she’s changed. I barely recognize the baby in the older videos, which makes me all the more glad that I’m recording even nonsensical videos like this one, because they will become invaluable to our family over time.

  • Anonymous

    Tell Nora she has a whole fan club over here…I was just watching this and the kids all came to watch as soon as they heard her.  They all say “Que monaaaa!”…and we were all curious about what she was so worried about not throwing in the trash? 

    • Darn, someone understood that part! I have some clothes in two trash bags that I keep meaning to take down to the local “clothes for the poor” drop off place, but the haven’t yet made it. I tried to keep them artfully out of frame, but Little Miss Soliloquy just had to mention them.

      We have since watched this video about two hundred times, as it’s Nora’s favorite thing to watch on television. Another favorite part of mine is when she’s miming her mother in the shower with commentary similar to, “Mommy has a shower, she dries off, and she goes to work.”

  • Cartgirl

    Ohhh! She’s soo cute! Although I can’t understand very well what she says… Oh, and are you coming in San Fermines to visit us in the end?

    • Sorry, Catgirl, but I don’t think we will be able to this year, since we will be in the States for most of San Juanes and San Fermines. Maybe next year, though!

  • Catgirl


  • This is the cutest…pis pas is my favorite part.

    • Mine, too, I must admit. She looks so serious when she says it!