Country Roads

October 21, 2011 By: erik Category: Beach, Math 316 views

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Flower at SunsetMy photography walk last Saturday that first went by the fishing harbor then turned inland. My camera and I admired autumn’s fanfare and the sunset’s long shadows. Some may search for the exotic with expensive holidays to Sharm el Sheikh, but with the right eye and attitude, a simple walk around the place where you live can be an exotic adventure.

Sunset in the trees

Leaves in the park.

Sunset in the trees

The solar photons with longer wavelengths add a romance to sunset photography.

Stoney Path

A stone path.

Gate with Flowers

A flowery gate.

No Bull

A cow posing for a silhouette.

Path into Colindres

A country path leading into the town of Colindres.

Flower Pot

Striped flower pot.

Fucsia Flowers

Some gorgeously colored flowers…or are they leaves?

Lit Slats

A long gate.

Shadow from Lit Slats

The pattern on the ground from the gate in the previous photo.

Fence Pattern


Sunset on Bark with Horse

Sunshine on tree bark, with a distant horse.

Three Horses

Three horses.

Flower at Sunset

A lone flower.

Two Similar Houses (and a cow)

Two old houses, one in the foreground and one in the background.

Colindres Church

Time to head back into town, past Nora’s daycare and the town church.

  • bawa

    Beautiful Cantabria.
    The brightly coloured parts in the Bougainvillea plant are “bracts” (modified leaves) and the flower are white and tiny.

  • Great post! I\’ve been very interested in pest control for a long time. The videos in this blogs are very interesting…