Tick Tick Tock Tock

January 24, 2013 By: erik Category: Geeky, Videos, Weird 112 views

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Tick Tick Tock Tock thumbnailRecently, my watch broke. Well, kind of. I’ve never seen a watch break like this. Rather than the second hand moving 6° every second, every two seconds, it goes tick-tick and moves 12°, thus keeping perfect time. While on another errand to the local jeweler to see if they could fix my mother-in-law’s earring, I casually showed it to the jeweler to see if she’d ever seen something like this. She explained, not very clearly (to me), that often watches have an auxiliary battery or chip or something that ticks every two seconds, and that when the battery runs low, it switches over to the two-second ticking.

Personally, I like the behavior. In fact, all other things being equal between two watches, I think I would actively choose to buy the one that does tick-tick every two seconds. If my local jeweler is correct, eventually it will stop completely, and then I’ll seek help, but until then… Cool!

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  • Lee

    That sounds cool, but beware of the day it really breaks down. I’ve relied on my phone or computer clock since the day a couple of years ago when my cat decided that the tick, tick of my old Timex was a mouse’s heart and managed to smash it open. But once a year or so ago there was some gremlin in my local Telefonica server and somehow the clock on my computer was about 10 minutes slow. I couldn’t understand how I was late to every class for about a week until I checked phone, computer, and TV. oops.

  • Michelle

    Kinetic watches that use a capacitor as a battery do the same thing. We discovered this when hubby’s second hand would stop ticking, then suddenly move forward 5 or 10 seconds (I can’t remember which). It was pretty freaky to watch (har har) and eventually we had to get the capacitor replaced.

    • Interesting! I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of kinetic watches.