The Great Snow of 2006

January 28, 2007 By: erik Category: Colindres, Photos, Videos 922 views

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One year ago, it snowed in Colindres. That was the only snow I’ve ever seen in our little town. All this past week, it’s been trying to snow, and you can see snowy mountain peaks on the horizon, but the snow hasn’t quite made it down to our sea-level elevation.

These are some photos I took on January 28, 2006.











  • Uncle Steve

    You call that snow?

    Twice this year we’ve gotten double digits deep snow in one day, for a total so far this winter of over 75 inches; and still have two snow months to go….

    Read more:

  • I knew Uncle Alaska wouldn’t be able to resist a “You call that snow?” comment. 🙂

    Have you learned any of the Eskimo words for snow yet?

  • Uncle Steve

    Oh it isn’t that simple. There’s a word for light snow, medium snow, lotsa snow, dry fluffy nice snow, heavy icy (a.k.a. Ohio) snow, snow that is falling, snow that is drifting, snow that must be shoveled, and of course a nicer word for snow that others must shovel.

    Kind of like the 17 words for rain in the Ferengui language, if you’re a Trekkie.