Hanging Out With Nora

October 26, 2009 By: erik Category: Offspring, Videos 102 views

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thumbBabies spend an awful lot of time doing very little. Or at least it looks like they’re not doing anything, but in reality their constantly learning about their environment and the way the natural world functions. Sometimes I spend time just watching Nora look around at stuff. This video will probably be boring for most people, but it’s the kind of video I wish I had of myself at Nora’s age, just being a curious baby.

If you stick around to the end, you’ll see some tooth sucking, a new habit of hers.

  • Paul

    Ignore the silence of your regular readership. Keep those Nora-doing-nothing videos coming! Ten times a day would be good, but that might just be the Grandfather in me.

    I liked the way you set her up, not able to move left or right, up or down, can’t reach her feet, obviously between books, can’t reach the remote, tired of her hands.

    Oh well. Suck that new tooth out!

  • All those times where she looks around her, as if she’s searching for something, I imagined her asking herself something; you know, like “Where’s the beef?”
    And I love the big sigh just before the three minute mark. Babies of all ages do that and it always cracks me up.