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Render ATL – Atlanta, Georgia, USA – June 2022

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July 19, 2022 - 3 min read
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The Talk

I remember right where I was, walking the scorching June streets of Sevilla, when I got the Twitter DM from Justin, organizer of the blockbuster debut Render ATL conference in 2021, asking me if I'd be a speaker 11 months in the future, in June 2022. Having experienced extreme FOMO on Twitter during the 2021 conference, I was delighted to say yes! I'd never done a conference in the Motherland before.

Usually, I have to propose a conference topic and get approved. At this point in my career, it's rare to get a "come and speak about whatever!" Invitation, so I decided to use it to talk about a thing that I'm passionate about, but not yet really known for: the app that I'm building at work: Centered.

I've long been fascinated by psychology; both of my parents studied psychology before going into computers, and I majored in computers and minord in psych in college, so working on an app based on psychology theories is perfect for me.

The Talk


High-Rise SelfieSpeaker and Sponsor Brunch was hosted on the umpteenth floor of a downtown high-rise

Cocktail KenSome sort of spicy volcanic cocktail across from the inimatable Ken Wheeler, one of the conference speakers I was most looking forward to finally meeting.

Atlanta SunsetAtlanta Sunset

Ken, Ben, and JayClose runners up to Ken on my want-to-meet list were Ben Lesh and Jay Phelps. We were instant friends.

Outdoor StageThe outdoor stage seemed like a good idea, but we were in Atlanta in June, and it was hot! No one could stand to be in the grassy area, so everyone was very far from the stage.

Bar Smores with Joe and FacundoNew friends made: Joe Previte and Facundo Giuliani. Also: Bar Smores!!!

Selfie with FardeemAlso at the conference was my colleague at Centered, Fardeem Munir, whom I had met in person once before.

Smash BurgersMy new Polish friends, Aleksandra, Piotr, their boss, Brandon, and some other people that agreed to have a shot of Polish vodka. These three are dear to my heart because they are fans of my Final Form library. 😍

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