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  • Photo by Toma Puljak
    Solid for React Developers
    A shallow dive into understand what makes Solid fundamentally different from React
  • React Lifecycle Methods
    Modeling React in XState
    Can XState state charts improve your understanding of the React render cycle?
  • Photo by Esteban Lopez
    What I learned at Distru
    As I leave this amazing company, I want to share a few of the things I learned.
  • Photo by Harrison Broadbent
    Creating an Observable Subject in ReScript
    Creating a Subject is a good way to test your skills in a new language.
  • A reducer is a single-state state machine
    A reducer is a single-state state machine
    If you write a state machine that only has a single state, but modifies its context, what you've created is a reducer.
  • Finite State Machines in ReScript
    Finite State Machines in ReScript
    ReScript's strong typing makes it especially well suited for defining Finite State Machines.
  • Photo by Yoann Boyer
    Should we follow Observables?
    If all the social media platforms are moving from "subscribe" to "follow", what do we do to Observables?
  • Open Source Sustainability
    Open Source Sustainability
    The status quo in open source is broken. Corporations profit hugely from open source libraries, and give almost nothing back, which leads to burnout which is bad for everyone.
  • Photo by Denisse Leon
    ⏯️ AudioCard — The React audio player designed for podcasts and Twitter cards
    Engage your podcast audience on social media with an in-Twitter player!
  • How it actually works.
    Introducing… 🔒 Blockchain Form
    From the guy who thought putting form state in Redux was a good idea...
  • ES6 Compatibility Table
    💡 IDEA: JavaScript Compatibility as a Service
    What if javascript bundling happened at the CDN?
  • Getting a Promise from Redux Actions
    Getting a Promise from Redux Actions
    "Great!", you’re thinking...just what the world needs: another blog post about Promises in Redux! Don’t leave yet; this one’s different.
  • 🏁 React Final Form HTML5 Validation
    🏁 React Final Form HTML5 Validation
    You can now get native HTML5 validation functionality by substituting your Field component with one from react-final-form-html5-validation.
  • Declarative Form Rules
    Declarative Form Rules
    How can I update field B when field A changes from X to Y?
  • Photo by Erik Rasmussen
    Focus On Errors 🧐
    Without a doubt, one of the most common questions I hear from people using my forms libraries is, "How can I focus on the first field that has an error?"
  • Photo by Matthew Hamilton
    🏁 Final Form — Decorators, Calculated Fields, and Warnings
    Two examples of how powerful decorators and mutators can be, when combined with the subscription-based paradigm of 🏁 Final Form
  • Photo by CGP Grey
    🏁 Final Form – Field Arrays and Mutators
    Extending the core functionality of Final Form
  • Photo by Glen Rushton
    🏁 Final Form – Announcement
    The road to the checkered flag
  • Redux Dead Drop
    Redux Dead Drop
    Asynchronous Communication Like A Spy
  • The HOC Drill Pattern
    The HOC Drill Pattern
    Drilling props through HOC-wrapped components

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