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Pico de las Nieves with Kids

November 08, 2015 By: erik Category: Offspring, Spain, Travel

Nora on top of the worldOne of our favorite local hikes is the Pico de las Nieves, a mountain that we can see from our house that is only about as hard to climb as ten flights of stairs. On November 8th, we decided that it was time to take the kids there. It was a beautiful day with plenty of visibility, which made it a perfect choice. We packed a picnic lunch and hopped in the car and headed up.

Ian, unfortunately, has gotten quite sensitive to motion sickness, so we had to stop and get out of the car for 5 minutes about four times during what would normally be a 25 minute ride. Poor guy.

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Pico de las Nieves, literally

December 04, 2008 By: erik Category: Colindres, Photos, Spain

Pico de las Nieves (literally)It’s been cold and rainy all week. The snow line has tried to creep down from the mountains, but we remain snowless (just wet) down here at sea level. This is the mountain peak that I’ve visited with my in-laws, my parents, and some friends. Grrr… Winter sucks.

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Pico de las Nieves with Robert and Ania

October 27, 2008 By: erik Category: Colindres, Photos, Spain

Human Totem Pole (cropped)This past weekend, we were visited by some friends of ours, Robert and Ania. I met Robert while working as an IT contractor in England. They came to our wedding last year, and this year they got married in Ania’s hometown of ToruÅ„, Poland. Unfortunately, because of the available airline flights, there was no good way for us to travel to ToruÅ„ for their wedding without spending a ton of money or having 24-hour layovers each way. Thankfully, we had not booked flights, because their wedding took place during one of Marga’s worst weeks of her first trimester, and she would have been miserable. As a wedding present for them, we offered to fly them, carbon free, to our house for a weekend to come see us. We had a wonderful visit. On Saturday, I took them up to my new favorite place to take visitors: Pico de las Nieves.

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Parents go to Pico de las Nieves

October 14, 2008 By: erik Category: Colindres, Family, Photos, Spain

Paul and Erik on mountaintopEarlier this year, Marga’s parents, Marga and I went up to a local mountain peak that sports a little hermitage church. This week, it was my parents’ turn. On Friday morning, my mother, my father, and I went up to the peak. It was a wonderfully warm day and the trip was very enjoyable.

Well, it was just a little crappy, actually. The trail up the mountain was full of horse and sheep droppings. There were several score of sheep (we tried counting but dozed off) at the base of the mountain, and there was a horse up at the top grazing when we got up there. The horse preceded to descend down a path that only an ungulate would choose.

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El Pico de las Nieves

April 15, 2008 By: erik Category: Colindres, Family, House, Photos, Spain

King of CantabriaLast Sunday, my inlaws, wife, and I climbed a mountain peak that we can see from our house: El Pico de las Nieves. According to the info panel, there has been some sort of church on the mountain dedicated to the cult of the Virgin of the Snow since 1356. The peak is 778 meters above sea level. The tiny little chapel is clearly visible from my window in Colindres. The church there is called the Ermita de las Nieves. Ever since learning about this church, I’ve wanted to take my camera up there on a clear day and take panoramic pictures. Sunday was that day.

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Hiking in Cantabria – Balconada del Cerreo

August 22, 2016 By: erik Category: Photos, Spain, Travel

Balconada del Cerreo, RasinesThis past Sunday, with the kids summering with their grandparents down south, my wife and I signed up for a hike organized by the local tourism board. It was advertised as: Subida a la balconada del Cerreo, 4:30 hours, 600 meter change (Medium Difficulty). We thought, “600 meters! That’s nothing!” Of course the 600 meters is really only measuring the difference from the lowest to the highest point. While it was quite as high as the Pico de las Nieves, which you can drive almost all the way up to, we did end up with a very nice view from which we could have hit our house with a laser.

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Simon and Paola Visit From Brussels

June 18, 2013 By: erik Category: Photos, Spain, Travel

Four Climbers - CropLast weekend we received a visit from my internet friends, Simon and Paola, whom I visited in Brussels last October. They’ve been long time readers of this blog and I was excited to get to show them all that I love about my little corner of the world, from the sea to the wine, to the mountains, to the wine, to the food, to the wine. Oh and introduce my family to them. It wasn’t easy, but I took a day off work and showed them what we have to offer.

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Exploring The Countryside

May 16, 2012 By: erik Category: Colindres, Photos, Spain

San Juan Church and Sheep - Colindres de ArribaAfter surviving the more or less nonstop rain for all of April, we are starting to see some sun again in May, however we are suffering from some icy northeasterly (I love words that are their own opposites) gusts that will chill you to the bone if you’re not wearing a good sweater, the same sweater that will make you unbearably hot the moment the wind stops. As a result, it’s really not comfortable to be outside, no matter what you are wearing. On Sunday, however, we braved the elements to take a walk up to Colindres de Arriba, an older part of town, which I’ve mentioned before. I love being a short fifteen minute walk away from the green ovine-speckled countryside. Here are some photos from our walk.

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Dark Sunrise This Morning

February 16, 2011 By: erik Category: Photos

Sunrise TodayThe offspring alarm got me up before sunrise this morning. I tried the old “it’s still dark, so maybe she’ll think this is like the times at 2:00 AM when I sit with her for a two minutes and she goes back to sleep” tactic, but she wasn’t fooled. She wanted to get up and go play downstairs. So we groggily made our way down the stairs (I unconsciously carry her in the arm opposite the railing now.) and prepared breakfast. Her current favorite morning meal is warm chocolate milk with cookies for dipping. Mmmm!

As Nora was eating her breakfast, I glanced out the window and saw a pretty spectacular sunrise over the mountains. When I was taking photographs of it, Nora said, “¿Qué ves? ¿Qué pasa?” (What do you see? What’s happening?) Well, below you can see what I was photographing.

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Santander with Robert and Ania

October 28, 2008 By: erik Category: Photos, Science, Spain, Videos

On Sunday, we decided to go to Santander with our weekend guests, Robert and Ania. The day was sunny and warm, with very little wind. We had no idea that the memorable experience from the trip would be enormous waves coming in from the sea. We were still a bit tired from our walk up Pico de las Nieves the day before, so we took it easy on our stroll through Santander.

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